MHES 2017 photo
27.11.2017 The most beautiful: MHES 2017 in photos, part 2. Psychologists tell us that visual analyzer have a higher bandwidth than audition. Continue to look at the best audio installations from the MHES collection More
MHES 2017 photo
23.11.2017 The most beautiful: MHES 2017 in photos, part 1. It is proved that 90% of the information we receive with the help of vision. Look at the best audio installations from the MHES collection More
24.11.2017 Video review Moscow Hi-End Show 2017 Feel the atmosphere of the 6th Moscow Hi-End Show More
Event photo-report MHES 2017
23.11.2017 Event photo-report MHES 2017 Vinyl-boutique, presentation of DAC Apollo from Tchernov Audio, seminar held by "Audiomania", concert of the quartet of Mikhail Shostak More
Moscow Hi-End Show, выставка hi-end, mhes 2017
16.11.2017 Moscow Hi-End Show 2017 resume Moscow Hi-End Show 2017 - the main event of the Russian High End Audio market - was held from 10 to 12 November More
24.11.2017 6MOONS.COM SHOW REPORT MHES 2017 By now one can state that this is no longer a regional show but one which attracts global support from many manufacturers abroad More
6moons report MHES 2016
15.12.2016 reported about Moscow Hi-End Show 2016 No one stayed behind the scenes More
28.11.2016 MHES® - the first Russian show focused on High End Audio - celebrated the first anniversary For 5 years, over 100 companies participated Moscow Hi-End Show, MHES®, more than 500 foreign and domestic brands has been demonstrated at the exhibition More
mhes 2016
14.11.2016 Moscow Hi-End Show 2016. The Programme Over 35 Hi-End audio installations, jazz concert, seminar for music perfectionist by Salon AV, vinyl boutique More
Moscow Hi-End Show 2015, video
14.01.2016 Video review MHES 2015. Full version. The video including all the exposures of Moscow Hi-End Show 2015 and interviews. More