Efa Life

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Cables and electrical network solutions  Efa Life is a revolution in audio transmission.
Efa Life has focused its knowledge and experience on the production of audio cables and power supply filtering systems. All developments are unique.  The products are manufactured in the FelixAudio laboratory using Efa Life technology.

The products use a bi-metal conductor (diamagnet + ferromagnet) and Efa Life's own magnetic filler.

Unlike serial products, Efa Life cables are manufactured “by customer”. This is preceded by consultation and the provision of a demo sample for listening. You can order cables of the required length and with the desired connectors. At the time of making an individual order, a demo sample can remain in the customer’s system.

Year of foundation: 2015
Profile: manufacturer of audio cables and power filters

Tel.: +7 925 051 44 50
E-mail: sound@yandex.com

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