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The Russian production company of acoustics and audio-video equipment ALEKS AUDIO was founded in 1987. This year the company celebrates its 35th anniversary.

ALEKS AUDIO is a research and production leader in Russia and a powerful competitor to foreign companies.

ALEKS AUDIO has its own unique production and research center for the creation of acoustics, audio-video equipment and iT technologies in the city of. Chekhov Moscow. region, where laboratories and workshops are located. In workshops with laser, turning, CNC and other machines, they process and paint metal, wood, stone and plastic.

ALEKS AUDIO manufactures a range of high quality speakers, turntables, DACs, amplifiers, phono stages, unique turntables, tonearms, MC cartridges, etc. A large line of audio cable products, various models of broadband super tweeters.The engineering staff of the company has not only academic and higher education, but also vast practical experience in production. Our clients called ALEKS AUDIO Russian "Rolls-Royce"! ALEKS AUDIO tries to match this in everything: quality, technology, assembly, maintenance and repair. Our own installation department of acoustics and audio equipment fulfills all the wishes of our customers.The company is managed by a full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Naukagrad Dubna) A.V. Jan-Belyaevsky.The motto of the ALEKS AUDIO company is "The sound of ALEKS acoustics must be heard once!"

The year of foundation: 1987

Profile: manufacturer Hi-Fi, Hi-End


Tel.: +7 495 223 15 51; +7 926 530 73 78


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