ALLB Music

Hall Ladoga, 2 floor


The Russian company ALLB Music produces acoustic systems that can satisfy the tastes of both a beginner music lover and sophisticated audiophile.

Acoustic systems, as well as dynamic heads (emitters) for them, are developed by Russian engineers in Moscow. Everything is hand-made.

ALLB Music offers two concepts for speaker designs: split-band multi-speaker and coaxial speaker horn.
In the lineup there is a compact acoustics with an 8-inch bass speaker, designed for small rooms, and acoustics with an 18-inch bass speaker, capable of filling the sound of even a huge hall. Coaxial speakers have a four-way design that has no analogues in the world. The development of this design took more than 20 years.

Established: 2015

Profile: Hi-Fi, Hi-End manufacturer

Moscow, Avtomobilny passage d1 (the house has two addresses, the second address is Skotoprogonnaya St. 29/1)
Tel.: +7 926 419 85 54, +7 916 119 87 32