The most attractive: MHES 2018 in pictures. Part 2.

The best audio installations from MHES 2018 collection.

Hi-End Centre на выставке MHES 2018

Hi-End Centre (loudspeakers Peak Consult, amplifier Maxonic, Ypsilon, cables Acrolink), room №213

фонокорректор Phasemation EA-1000

Hi-End Centre, Phasemation EA-1000, room №214

High End Avenue

High-End Avenue (loudspeakers KEF), room №220

Акустика KEF

High-End Avenue (loudspeakers KEF), room №220

Milky Sound

Milky Sound (loudspeakers Audiosolutions, amplifier Bricasti), room №210

Milky Sound

Milky Sound (controller Bricasti), room №210


MMS (loudspeakers KEF), room №224

Акустика KEF

MMS (loudspeakers KEF), room №224

Natural Audio на MHES 2018

Natural Audio (loudspeakers and components Natural Audio), room №225

Natural Audio кроссовер для АС

Natural Audio (crossover for loudspeakers Natural Audio), room №225

галерея "Назаров"

Nazarov Gallery (MacIntosh, Sonus Faber), room №207

галерея "Назаров"

Nazarov Gallery (MacIntosh), room №207

Simple Distribution

Simple Distribution (loudspeakers, turntable Magnat), rooms №236, 237

Simple Distribution

Simple Distribution, rooms №236, 237

Simple Distribution
Simple Distribution (Magnat, Lingdorf), rooms №236, 237

Система Мурата

Система Мурата (loudspeakers 911audio), room №208


Техно-М, room №201, 202 (loudspeakers Harbeth, amplifier Lavardin)

проигрыватель Kuzma Stabi R

Техно-М (turntable Kuzma Stabi R), rooms №201, 202

акустика Harbeth

Техно-М (loudspeakers Harbeth), rooms №201, 202

Чернов Аудио

Tchernov Audio (components, cables Tchernov Audio, loudspeakers Wolf von Langa), room №213

DAC Apollo

Tchernov Audio, room №213